The last keep

Part 2

Seal of the Sun

Continued...    The Invocation...

~Warning!~ This is meant to be an example only! It is to show you what you would do if you were experienced in the Arts. If you attempt this... you do so at your own risk! This is strictly for educational purposes only!

    In this example we are going to conjure the Spirit "VAU-AEL". He is the spirit who will give thee all kinds of pleasant visions. He will serve you well in all that you wish to know. This spirit is taken from "the Grimoire of Armadel".

   Take note that we will be conjuring this spirit on to the astral plane and not onto this physical plane. We will be able to see the spirit by gazing into the crystal ball or the black mirror in the Triangle of the Art. Put on your robe and and light the incense and the candles. Sit in the chair that you place in the middle of the magic circle. Here is the sigil of the entity...

     Seal of "VAU-AEL"

Holding the Sigil of the spirit in your hands gaze into it and repeat the name of the spirit over and over for at least 10 min. Then gaze into the black mirror (or crystal ball) and concentrate while reciting the following...

I evoke  and conjure thee, O spirit "VAU-AEL" by the Supreme Majesty - the true God who is known by the names of YOD HEH VAV HEH (yode-heh-vahv-heh), ADONAI (ah-doe-ney), EHEIEH (eh-hey-yay), and AGLA (ah-gah-lah) to appear before me in this mirror (or crystal ball) in a fair and comely shape.

Continue to gaze into the mirror until the image of the entity becomes clear to see. When you can see the entity then ask it "what is thy name?" If it gives the correct answer then ask it to sign its name in the space surrounding it. If the spirit turns out to be someone else then you can ask it to leave or ask what its purpose of coming before you. If it is the correct spirit then you must welcome it  by saying...

In peace I welcome you, O spirit "VAU-AEL",and in the name of the Most High I command you to stay within this mirror until you are dismissed, to speak honestly and to answer all questions truthfully that I put before you.

Now you may ask the questions that you wish to put before him. Make sure that you are polite and not rude in any way, for you must treat these spiritual beings with the total respect. You may also command it do do certain tasks for you, but if you ask it to do things that might harm someone then you will at sometime suffer the penalties of KARMA. What goes around comes around. You don't want to have something bad come around and bite you in the ass now do you? Try to do only good tasks and things of a positive nature! Once you are done with the spirit, you must license him to depart. Take note that you must give this dismissal even if the entity does not show itself, for it could actually be there and you not know it and then you would have a spirit hanging around you which could the end of you!
Here is the dismissal...

Go in peace and return to your sphere of origin, O Spirit "VAU-AEL" by the authority of the True God, I command thee to harm none as you depart, and to be ready to come quickly if called upon again.

*You will also want to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram! This is a Must!

*This ritual can be used to conjure Celestial, Demonic, Elemental, or Angelic entities to do your bidding.

After you are finished you will want to write down everything that happened in your experience. You need to keep a journal of all these events and what took place.  You will want to memorize these conjuration's and not have to read them off a card. You will also need to make sure that you pronounce all the sacred names of God correctly in your invocations, and once again do nothing to harm anyone in your magical rites. Even if you are conjuring a demon you can still command them to do good for you. Peace be with you.

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